Sexual Lubricants for Enhanced Sensation

Sexual Lubricants

Sexual Lubricants for Enhanced Sensation Escort girls preferred lubricant Sexual Lubricants for Enhanced Sensation That is the case for some people, but for everyone else, there is lube. Lube will prevent dryness in any given area, and will help avoid any friction. If you are in need of sex lube, look no further than Jack And Jill Adult Superstore for all your lube needs.

Water Based

Sexual Lubricants for Enhanced Sensation
Sexual Lubricants for Enhanced Sensation

Water based lube is the most commonly used lube you will find on the market. Many established brands like KY and Astroglide are water based. Because it is water based, it is easier to wash off than other lubricants. Jack And Jill has many more water based varieties of different sizes.

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Sexual Lubricants

Some is warming and cooling, and some of it is flavored. When it comes to water based lubricant, there is something for everybody. Water based lube is the preferred lube for most toys.

Silicone Based

Silicone based lubricants have a different feel and consistency than water based lubricants. Silicone is also sometimes a preferred lubricant to use for anal sex. Jack And Jill has many different varieties of silicone lube, including trusted brands like Wet and ID Glide.

Sexual Lubricants
Sexual Lubricants


While lube may feel good during sex, it isn’t known for tasting good. Luckily, flavored lube is available, and Jack And Jill has a wide variety of flavors. With flavors ranging from cherry to caramel, there will be a lube that is pleasing for both your lover and your palette.


Many lubes do more than simply provide moisture to an applied area. Some are specifically designed to stimulate certain body parts. There are many lubes designed to stimulate the clitoris. Some lubes stimulate a woman’s G-spot. Others numb the anus, making it better prepared for anal sex. Beyond insertion, there are also some sensual massage gels. No matter what you are looking to stimulate, Jack And Jill has you covered.

There are many different kinds of lube on the market to choose from. They offer different tastes, feels and experiences. No matter what kind of lube you are looking to experience, Jack And Jill can provide it for you. If you are in need of lube, visit our store today. You’ll be glad you did.

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