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İstanbul Gay Dance Clubs

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İstanbul Gay Dance Clubs Gay Clubs In Istanbul The biggest and most popular gay dance club in Istanbul.
One Way is open every night, attracting both a local crowd and visitors.
Expect a crowded dance floor, especially on Saturdays.

Drag shows feature on quieter weekdays and Sunday nights.
There is an open-air garden for smoking and cruising.
One way started out as a bear bar and hosts occasional BayBears Club events.

İstanbul Gay bar, music, dancing, karaoke

İstanbul Gay Dance Clubs
İstanbul Gay Dance Clubs

İstanbul Gay Dance Clubs

It is known about the turkish society that is conservetive in general but that did not stop gay society of growing lately in turkey.
İstanbul Gay some, say that gay society in turkey is not given his rights while others, say that gay society having a normal life in turkey.
whatever the real situation is, istanbul is a city of fun and nothing can stop gays of having their fun time there.

In fact, Istanbul now has more gays facilities than the past time.
Bars, Gyms, Spas, Cafes and Restaurants, and beaches are available for gays to use and spend enjoyable times.
Istanbul’s gay night life is more active around midnight.
Most of the gay night clubs are not crowded until 12:00 am, but there are a respected number of gay bars and facilities open and come a life before midnight as well.

In Istanbul, İstanbul Gay bars and clubs generally are most crowded on Saturdays nights like everywhere else in Istanbul. Friday nights are also busy enough if not as much. Other days of the week bars become busy i case of a special event or occasion while Monday is not a fun day in IStanbul, everyone is headed to their jobs and tired after a long Sunday night.

The gay bars and clubs would also be busier in winter months witness more active nights in gay bars than summer’s, thisi because most of local people travel to their hometowns for spending the summer holidays with families.

There are no dark rooms in most gay bars and clubs and sexual intimacy is not allowed principally, but usually kissing and hugging is well received and allowed.


1- Mor kedi cafe & bar:

Located in Istiklal Street, comes alive between 20:00 pm and 02:00 am. More Kedi might be the most well-known bar it. It’s the bar that usually gets busy before other gay bars and most of its clients are young but all ages are welcomed.

2- Pinokyo bar:
Also located in Istiklal Street and also comes alive between 20:00 pm and 02:00 am. Pinokyo bar is more like a party place, a late evening bar with live music shows. Saturdays are the most crowded days in Pinokyo bar.

3- Rocinante bar:
Locate in Beyoğlu and comes alive between 21:00 pm and 01:00 am.
It was a place that gathered Turkish lesbians long time ago, but slowly turned into male gay bar. It was closed for about a year and half and reopened by early 2017. They offer live music and shows, more like a party environment.

4- Chianti bar:
Located in Beyoğlu near galatasaray highschool and comes alive after 21:00 pm.
Serve customers at day times as a calm cafe but slowly raise the music volume and becomes a party bar at the evening times around 21:30 pm.

5- Chaplin cafe & bar:
Located in Beyoğlu near Taksim Square.
Chaplin cafe is more quiet cafe that gather younger gays both male and female and offer beverages and snacks with reasonable prices, also more friendly environment and atmosphere where you can sit and have a conversation with your friend, unlike other loud bars.

6- Tekyon club:
Located in Taksim, and becomes busy at night time.
It is probably the most famous club in Istanbul or even Turkey. Its venue is very big and fit for a huge number of people, also has an open back yard which allows smokers to enjoy a drink with a cigarette.

During the week-days, İstanbul Gay is not that crowded but it is very very busy and crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. It serves customers with reasonable prices for beverages, the waiters are very friendly and talkie, and the music is always loud because of the ongoing live shows and dancers on the stage.

7- Club cheeky:
Located in Tarlabasi next to Taksim
Club Cheeky is an exceptional kind of a club. It only operates on Fridays and Saturdays after other gay clubs and bars close. It starts getting busy at 02:00 and 03:00 when other gay clubs close cutomers get in Club Cheeky to continue the fun time.

You can find a mixture of male gays, female gays, transvestites and bears. The club’s administration is so strict about entry fees which costs about 15 Euros.

More and more gay clubs and cafes are active in Istanbul that you will enjoy your time at.

In general, Istanbul city has all types of facilities for all kinds of people, and this is not strange in a city that attracts tourists from all over the world. All you have to do is book yourself a flight and start an experience that will never be forgettin.

Top 7 Gay Clubs In Istanbul
November 21, 2022

İstanbul Gay Dance Clubs
İstanbul Gay Dance Clubs

Although it is well known that Turkish society is generally conservative, this did not prevent the country’s LGBT community from recent growth.
While some claim that Turkey’s LGBT community is denied its rights, others argue that it lives everyday life. Whatever the circumstances, Istanbul is a pleasant city where nothing can stop gay people from having a good time.

If you want to explore turkey in your style, visit and apply for a turkey e visa in three simple steps.

İstanbul Gay has more gay-friendly facilities now than it did in the past. Gays have access to bars, gyms, spas, cafes, restaurants, and beaches where they can have fun.

Around midnight, Istanbul’s gay nightlife is at its busiest. Although most gay nightclubs don’t get busy until after midnight, there is still a reasonable figure of gay bars and businesses that open up early. Like everywhere in Istanbul, LGBT bars and clubs seem busiest on Saturday nights.

Even yet, Friday evenings are less active. While Monday is not a cool day in Istanbul because everyone is off to work and tired after a long Sunday night, bars get crowded on other days when there is a special event or occasion. Because most locals return to their hometowns to spend the summer holidays with their families, gay bars and clubs are also busier in the winter than in the summer.

Most gay bars and clubs don’t have darkly lit areas, and while physical contact is often looked upon and prohibited, kissing and hugging are frequently accepted and permitted.



İstanbul Gay, Located on Istiklal Street, it comes to life from midnight until two. The most well-known bar there may be Mor Kedi. It’s the pub that typically fills up before other gay bars, and while all ages are welcome, most of its customers are young.


İstanbul Gay, Located on Istiklal Street and is also active from 20:00 until 2:00 in the morning. Pinky Bar is more of a late-night club with live music performances. The busiest days of the week at Pinokyo pub are Saturdays.


İstanbul Gay, Located in Beyoglu, it comes to life from 21:00 to 1:00 a.m. Long ago, Turkish lesbians gathered there, but it slowly became a gay pub for men over time. After being closed for around 15 months, it reopened in the first quarter of 2017. They provide live performances and music, creating a more festive atmosphere.


İstanbul Gay, Near the Galatasaray High School in Beyoglu, this area comes alive after 21:00. Serve guests as a quiet café during the day. Still, at roughly 9:30 p.m., it turns into a party bar by gradually turning up the music volume.


İstanbul Gay, It is situated close to Taksim Square in Beyoglu. Compared to other loud pubs, Chaplin Cafe is a quieter place that attracts young gay men and women and offers affordable drinks and snacks. It also has a friendlier ambience where you can sit and chat with your friends.


It is situated in Taksim and gets lively at night. It is most likely the most well-known club in Turkey or perhaps İstanbul Gay. The facility is large and can handle a large number of people. It also features an outdoor backyard where smokers may relax with a drink and a cigarette.

Tokyo is not very crowded during the week, but it is highly bustling and crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. The drinks it offers are reasonably priced, the waiters are talkative and friendly, and the music is always loud due to the continuing live performances and dancers on the stage.


İstanbul Gay, Cheeky is a unique kind of club situated in Tarlabasi next to Taksim. Only on Fridays and Saturdays, after other gay bars and clubs close, does it open. When other gay clubs close at 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m., the client enters Club Cheeky to continue their good times.

There are male and female gays, transvestites, and bears to be found. The club’s management strictly enforced entry fees, which cost around 15 Euros. You will have a good time at Istanbul’s rising number of gay bars and cafes.

In general, Istanbul has all kinds of facilities for all types of people, which is not surprising in a city that lured travellers from all over the world. Apply for a turkey visa online, pack your bags and book a flight is all necessary to begin a fantastic vacation.

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İstanbul Gay 2023

İstanbul Gay is one of the major tourist destinations in Europe. There are lots of interesting places to see and the city has great museums.

İstanbul Gay has got a highly cosmopolitan atmosphere. Around Taksim you will find restaurants on roof tops with an amazing view over the city and great food. There are several gay bars and clubs with great east and west combinations of style and music.

İstanbul Gay night life

İstanbul Gay night life in Istanbul changes a lot. Places come and go all the time. Most gay bars and clubs are located near Taksim Square. On the street many Turkish str8 guys walk hand in hand and hug each other. However most gay guys are not openly gay.

Some gay places are really busy, but the guys are discrete. Many guys speak some English, and tourists area very popular for Turkish guys to meet.

Online gay meeting sites like gayromeo are officially blocked in Turkey by the government. Of course there are ways to connect anyway. Ask locals online before how to get sites like that running on your mobile or laptop before you go there.

Be safe

Istanbul is quite a safe city, there is police and guards everywhere. But of course you have to be a bit careful. Do not follow people who call out to you in the street and promise to take you to what they refer to as a ‘gay bar’.

It is very likely that this is a scam where you’ll be taken to a ‘pavyon’ (a ‘tavern’, so to speak) and be charged astronomical prices for services that you didn’t even request.


The quintessential Istanbul experience that is the hamam (the Turkish bath) can be very alluring and fulfilling. The homosocial environment of a hamam is almost always a very homoerotic one. Therefore, hamams are very good for cruising.

İstanbul Gay However, the code word here is discretion, because sexual activity in hamams is strictly forbidden –even in the ones that are listed as ‘gay’ hamams– and if you’re caught in the act, you’re likely to get into a lot of trouble. The truth of the matter is that there is no exclusively gay hamam in Istanbul, even though you can easily cruise men, find quick action or join in on an impromptu group wank.

Oh, and, you can also use the hamam for its primary purpose and actually get clean.

İstanbul Gay Dance Clubs
İstanbul Gay Dance Clubs
İstanbul gay tourist guide

İstanbul Gay is a very big city. Fortunately many of the interesting places including the gay night life are close to each other.

Where to stay

Most gay bars and clubs, the shopping street, and many trendy restaurants can be found near (map). From Taksim you can walk to most places. Taxis are cheap but traffic can be busy. From Taksim there is also a short metro to the coast, from there you can take a tram.

Some hotels are very strict in bringing ‘guests’ to the room. So if you have intentions that way make sure you book a large hotel where you are more anonymous.

İstanbul Gay Dance Clubs

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